Tis the Season!

Cruise ship season has arrived in Skagway~ Here they come!P1070216

New Water Filters and Bottles!

In an effort to protect our environment from additional plastic, it’s our aim to be more effective in not using throw away bottles. Instead, we will be stopping at Bridal Veil Falls, to fill your new water bottle with filtered water.

You may purchase a new water bottle with our logo on it, for $3 each. Your money then goes to an environmental group that we support! It’s a win win situation! You get to drink glacier water during your tour, you take home a reusable water bottle, an environmental group benefits with our support and our earth breathes a little easier, knowing we won’t be adding plastic to it!

There’s no need to filter this glacier water, as it is very pure, but this will eliminate any worries! Our filters will protect you from 99.94% of bacteria, including Giardia.

Thank you! Becky

Spring Break Up~

Spring is breaking up early this year~ Following an extra mild winter, we are heading into record breaking warm temps this spring. Let’s hope for a warm and beautiful day when you visit us, and go Beyond Skagway!

Emerald Lake Beautiful

Emerald Lake should be thawed out by mid-May! It’s one of the prettiest lakes I’ve ever seen.IMG_3069

Reflection Days are Coming Again!

Reflection days are the best! We stop several times while on your way to Emerald Lake, in order to capture your best reflection photo!

Two New Vans!

Announcing our two new 2015 Ford Transit Vans, with high ceilings and lots of leg room. You will enjoy individual seats, not bench seats. New, clean and very comfy, you will ride in one of these two vans, if you have 9-14 people in your group! Our smaller groups will be in one of our “also very nice” mini vans or our SUV. jm160217_Transits

Dandelions for Lunch!

little speedy eats a flower beckyDandelions are a bear’s favorite springtime food! It won’t be long till the season arrives and they will be getting their fill along the Klondike Hwy. Join us for a tour and maybe you’ll see your Dandelion eating Grizz.

Photo taken by Thomas Pickerel.

New Location For Sled Dogs!


Announcing new this season! Michelle Phillips is offering her sled dogs and puppies to us in a new location. She is leaving Caribou Crossing. Her new location will be less crowded and less expensive for us to visit! Michelle races in the Iditarod Race every spring, racing from Anchorage to Nome in an amazing 1,000 mile long race. After every dog cart ride, Michelle will share with you, tales from the trail.

Introducing Abby and Kirsten

680365_10151851516763260_900113180_o (1) IMG_0994 (2)

Thought you might like to meet our new reservationist, Abby! She is part of our family, really… my daughter and Abby have been friends since they were in second grade. Abby now has a 14 year old daughter! Welcome Abby!

Below Abby’s photo, is Kirsten, who has lived in Skagway four summers. She was just married in 2015 and is very excited to be joining our team, to take out tours. We are excited to have her join us!

New Wedding Website!


Loads of great photos!!
I am proud to announce our brand new “Azure Alaskan Wedding” Website! Check it out!  www.azurealaskanweddings.com

Glacier Wedding Skagway

The Meade Glacier provides many opportunities for wedding photos! A once in a lifetime day.

The Meade Glacier provides many opportunities for wedding photos! A once in a lifetime day.

Skagway’s First Snowfall

It almost looks like the Chilkoot Trail, but it's not! These are girls on my tour.

Skagway got their first snowfall on November 5th. It’s time to play!

Photo Contest for Beyond Skagway Tours


And the winner is… this gorgeous photo of Emerad Lake, taken from treesisgod’s drone. Thank you for entering our contest, and we hope those who join us for a tour next summer, will also join our 2016 Photo Contest!

PhotoBomb Alaskan Bride

msQtyYa36DP_jNgBTiGLA7oGAwSy6uw798qCauWfJC0Lovely Meredith with fun loving Mike, on their wedding day in May 2015, near Skagway, Alaska.

Thank you, Paul Murray, for the great photograph.


IMG_2113Ice will form soon. Hate to see Fall coming to an end, but I do enjoy the beauty of winter too!

All seasons have their beauty! See you in the Spring.

Glacier Dip n Kiss

Dip n Kiss

Meredith, our May bride, just told me that she and Mike are expecting their first baby in April. How very exciting for you two! I am so looking forward to seeing you when you return for your 5th year vow renewal.

Azure Alaska Weddings are here!

Azure Pools on Meade Glacier make for great wedding photos!

Azure Alaska Weddings (a branch of Beyond Skagway Tours), can help you plan your wedding day. Choose to fly to a glacier, hike to a river, waterfall or beach, drive to the alpine or stand in the woods. It’s your day!

The Golden Circle

Walking into Fall.

This is my favorite time of year.

My dream is to take you on a five day Fall Tour around the Golden Circle, from Skagway to Haines.

Join me next Fall for this trip. You’ll find trip descriptions on the drop down menu of my home page, under Overnight Journeys.

6 Day Golden Circle Tour

Salmon, Bears and Fall Colors go hand in hand during the month of September! We are excited for our Fall Golden Circle Trip! Ask us about overnight trips.

Salmon, Bears and Fall Colors go hand in hand during the month of September! We are excited for our Fall Golden Circle Trip!
Ask us about overnight trips.

About the Light

In photography, it’s all about the light, and what it’s doing. How does it play a role in your photos? Request our guides, Tom or Jay, if you are interested in learning more about light and photography. Jay took this photo overlooking Tushi Lake, where we take our 7 hour tours.