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We offer private tours. Below, you'll see 79 combined years of "Life in Skagway", as we roll out our 2018 Staff, below.

Hi, I'm Becky!
My Alaskan love story began in 1968, when my family moved to Fairbanks, where we built two log cabins in a remote area. This largely formed who I am today.  After raising four wonderful children, I guided hiking trips in Denali National Park and kayak tours in the Kenai Fjords. Later, I worked as a deck hand on a fishing boat, which brought me to SE Alaska.

After falling in love with Skagway, I decided to move there in 2007, beginning this tour business in 2011.  My husband, Jeff, and I winter in Skagway, leaving during the coldest, darkest month to find sunshine, grandchildren and adventure. I love exploring our wilderness backyard, then sharing it with you! Thank you for checking out our small family based business.

Hello, I'm Kate!  
As Operations Manager, I help Mom (Becky) make this family operated tour company awesome! 2018 marks my tenth summer and fourth winter in Alaska. I have an Accounting Degree, but I do a little bit of everything for BST. I drive tours, take wedding photo shoots. I enjoy exploring the Alaskan wilderness on my days off and in the winters, I ski and snowboard at various ski resorts, most recently in Girdwood, near Anchorage, AK.  I'm looking forward to meeting you this summer!

​​Hi, I’m Jay!

My Alaskan adventure started in 1970 when my Dad was stationed at Fort Greely in the Alaskan Interior. When he retired we settled in the neighboring town of Delta Junction where the family embraced an Alaskan lifestyle. In 1988 I decided to find my fame and fortune Outside and eventually found myself in Seattle where I worked as a Commercial Photographer and Digital Artist for the next 20-some years.

But all that time Alaska was calling to me and I now find myself back “Home”. Over the years I’ve enjoyed visiting my brother in Skagway and thought that it would be a good place to call home for awhile. So here I am getting ready for my fourth summer, giving tours and rediscovering The Great White North. I’m looking forward to sharing all of it with my friends, new and old. See you soon!  
 Hi, I'm Kristen! 

Originally from Ohio, I came to Skagway from New York City in 2009 and sang and danced my way through the next three summers in The Days of '98 Show.  When not performing the Cancan, I loved exploring the incredible trails and rivers in Skagway, British Columbia and the Yukon.

I was also lucky enough to find love in AK and my husband Sean and I got married last fall. Along with our dog Soapy, we love hiking, rafting and traveling. I can't wait to share this incredible piece of paradise with you!

Hello. My name is Emily.

I am a bit of a nomad. I have taught English in India, managed a yoga studio in Nicaragua, and ridden my bicycle from Canada to Mexico. After a decade of travel, I decided that Alaska was perhaps my favorite place on the planet.

In 2016, I came to Skagway to work as a tour guide. The following winter, I took an intensive 4 month long Medicinal Plant Class, so I can share this knowledge with you. I love being able to spend time with people as they experience this spectacular place

Hi, I’m Candace.  

I came to Skagway more than 20 years ago, at the tail end of a year-long bicycle trip across North America, and promptly fell in love!  I’m originally from Central Minnesota and had no difficulty adapting to the climate and in fact joke that it’s milder here than where I grew up.  

As an artist and musician Skagway’s beautiful scenery and encouraging community fills me with inspiration at every turn, and as a runner and hiking enthusiast I never lack for places to explore.  I welcome you to my backyard – are you ready to play?

Hello, Stephanie here!

​I originally hail from the flat lands of northern Illinois and as long as I can remember I wanted to live near mountains. I like to say I traded in endless corn fields for endless mountains. I have traveled and lived all over the United States and one summer I decided to take the plunge and move to a little town in Southeast Alaska. This is my fifth summer coming back to Skagway because I love the people, the scenery, and ALASKA of course! When I am not working for Beyond Skagway I love getting out on the trails, pulling shrimp pots, riding my bike on the one road in town, and playing with my three dogs. 

​Hey Everybody! My name is Samuel. 

          (You can call me Sam.)

I grew up in Arizona an never imagined I'd be living in Alaska. Back in Arizona, my focus was on my music. I studied music production, interned in recording studios, played in bands, wrote my own songs and even released a solo album.  All the while, I worked odd jobs because the music never paid.​ Feeling the need for a new chapter in my life, I took a chance. on a summer job here in Skagway. I knew nothing about Skagway...

Obviously, I fell in love with the town. I am sustained by the small loving community that lives here. I now live year-round in Skagway and have no plans to move. Here, I enjoy hiking, good friends, playing music, recording music and enjoying the peace of this magical valley. 

​​Hi, I am Abby,  

I take your reservations.  I came to Skagway just to visit Kate and Becky, and ended up moving my whole family here.  This will be our 5th year here and I absolutely love it. My husband and I couldn't dream of raising our 4 kids anywhere else. 

The natural beauty that surrounds us daily never gets old.  I work at the school in the winter time and love being involved in the community.  In my spare time I enjoy running, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, downhill skiing... pretty much anything outdoors.  When you come to Skagway, I believe you will fall in love with our wilderness backyard.

​​Thank you, past patrons, for your 5* Trip Advisor Reviews. We are a highly rated Skagway tour company, because of your reviews and our efforts, combined!  


Enjoy our 90 second video about our tour company. An update: we now have 14 passenger vans too!

​The Tale of Two Families

"The year was 1968. Traveling "North to Alaska", from OR to AK on the Alaska Hwy., all gravel and pot holes and the beginning of a grand adventure. Moving to Fairbanks, then building our log cabin homes in the deep woods, changed each of our lives. Hauling firewood and water taught us self sufficiency. There were no computers, no cell phones and no FaceBook. Hard work and exploring combined to give us the foundation for who we are today. It was a good life. Alaska continues to offer us adventure and the same love of hard work that we learned all those years ago. It's with pride, that I work with my daughter, Kate, to offer tours going "Beyond Skagway", to show you the wilderness that we grew up loving".

Says Becky, the middle blond 12 yr. old...                            ... now 50 years later

Hello, I'm Tim!

I'm originally from N. Minnesota, but knew I needed to roam. My wanderlust has helped me travel all over the world. While in college, studying Theatre, I happened to get cast in a show in Skagway. From the moment I stepped off the ferry, I knew that this place would be  home to me. I've been coming to Skagway for six years now, and have recently spent my first winter here! It's colder back in Minnesota, but that famous Skagway wind has a way of chilling you to the bone! 

The beauty of the mountains and the phenomenal community is what has kept me here and will keep Skagway as a place that no matter where I roam, I will always find my way back. When not traveling and touring, I love playing piano, acting and learning about the exciting history of this area. I'm also a huge fan of ghost stories, so if you're a big fan of the paranormal, I'm your guy!

​​​We look forward to meeting you!  Have questions?   

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