Annemarie in her lab, creating new soaps for you! If you'd like to shop directly from Annemarie, here's a link to her website:

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Devil's Club Salve comes in three sizes:

.5 oz.      $6.25

 2 oz.      $13.25

  4 oz.      $24.50

​Plus shipping. Or pick it up when you arrive for your tour! We can arrange a gift basket for someone in your group!

Enjoy Shopping Local: Body and Bath Products by Emily and Annemarie.

2 local women create "made from nature" and "made in Skagway" bath and body products.

Almost all of their ingredients are found in the woods near Skagway. All of their ingredients are chemical and pestiside free.

We can create a gift basket for you to pick up on the day of your tour or we can ship to you!

​Call or Email us if you see something you'd like to order: 907-612-0499 or

Bio taken from Emily's website:

"Maiden Alaska Herbals is a family run business.  Myself (Emily), partner Tyler, our son Yonder and daughter Lupine, all help produce the final product, Of course, We’ve lived year-round in Skagway, Alaska since 2002. I quickly found out that to make it through the long dark winters, a pleasurable pastime is a must. In 2005 I enrolled for an online course from a nationally accredited school, the Australasian College of Health Sciences.  From this I earned my Certificate of Herbal Studies.

Our family harvests wild plants and cultivates our organically grown gardens while continually learning about the plants that Nature created to help us heal ourselves. We source only certified organic carrier oils, waxes and essential oils that are used in our products to further accentuate the healing properties of our Alaskan plants.  We care about our health, your health and the health of our planet, therefore we refuse to use or grow anything that has been sprayed with harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Spruce Infused Beard Oil:  $20.99      1 oz

100% Organic. Vegan. Tame and condition that beautiful beard with hops, marshmallow root, local wild spruce tips and horsetail infused into argan, apricot kernel, coconut, grapeseed, and jojoba oils. Lightly scented with wild Canadian spruce essential oil. 
◾Free of synthetics and preservatives.
◾1 ounce treatment pump. 

100% Organic/Wild Ingredients: hops, marshmallow root, local wild horsetail and spruce tips infused into oils of: grapeseed, jojoba(from Arizona), apricot kernel, castor, coconut, argan, & rosemary extract in olive oil, with Tsuga Canadensis (spruce) essential oil.

Devil's Club Salve: $6.25 - $24.50
Use for sore muscles & joints, & stubborn dry skin.
Also great for cuts and scrapes. A must have for any first aid herbal kit!

AK Wild &/or Organic Ingredients: Devil's Club, Wormwood, Yarrow, Usnea, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vit. E Oil; E/O Cedar Wood.

​Lip Stain: $6.99

Try Annemarie's pigment based lip stains if you need a little more color in your life.

Perfume Oil: $14.99
◾100% Organic ingredients 100% natural
◾concentrated perfume oils for your pulse points or hair
◾Choose from two organic essential oil scent blends: Lavender or Dirty Girls.
◾This is a concentrated product to be used sparingly.
◾Free of synthetics and preservatives.
◾Tested on humans not animals.
◾Minimally packaged in a resuable & recyclable colbalt blue glass bottle with a roll on applicator and a recyclable PVC #3 shrink band.
◾.25 ounce net weights

​Lip Balm: $4.99 

An 98% organic, 100% natural, & vegan lip balm. It is a sturdy, long lasting, and nourishing layer. Available in five varieties: naked, vanilla, mint, orange ginger, or lavender. 

What it is:
◾98% Organic, 100% Natural
◾Naked, the base recipe for all our lip balms & stains, has no added scent. It has the faint smell of the natural waxes and oils, slightly smoky, neutral, & clean.
◾Scented balms use high quality organic essential oils.
◾Gentle & effective ingredients.
◾Free of synthetics & preservatives.
◾Tested on humans, not animals.
◾Tube is BPA free polypropylene that is recyclable #5 with recylable PVC #3 safety shrink wrap.
◾.17 ounce lip balm in clear oval tube

Bio taken from Annemarie's website: