The online booking link will take you to the Custom Emerald Lake tour, be sure to add the gold panning option *online booking fees apply

**Bring Home the Bacon**      
Van Size:  Up to 5            $835 + GOLD           
Van Size:  Up to 8            $961 + GOLD
Van Size:  Up to 11           $1087 + GOLD

GOLD = $18 per pan

Not all members of your group have to select the gold panning add on.       This is an especially fun activity for kids!

Experience the thrill of finding real gold, using the same techniques the miner's of 1898 used to discover Klondike Gold. We "salt" your pan with authentic Klondike Valley gold flakes so you are guaranteed keepsake gold. We find a nice private, peaceful setting next to a lake or creek to give a more authentic feel. We will pan no matter the weather because, you know, the miner's spent back-breaking hours in the wind, rain and snow, and if they can do it, so can we. 

​All of our tours are private, so it's just your group and your guide in the van!

Sample Itinerary: May vary according to your interests

​*gold panning will happen at some point during the day. Location will vary depending on group size, and weather.

Travel North on the South Klondike Highway over White Pass and into Canada. Visit the Yukon and drool over spectacular scenery. Hunt the hillsides and roadsides for wildlife. Learn about Alaska and Yukon cultures and find out the answer to the ultimate question. "Just what do you DO here in the winter?"

7:30 AM: Meet your guide, who will be wearing a blue coat and holding a "Beyond Skagway" sign, at the end of your ship's pier, just past port security.

Head North, through Skagway. Listen, while your guide weaves the story of the Klondike Gold Rush of '98. View notable historical buildings and hot spots to visit after your tour. Cruise over White Pass, passing and/or stopping at these scenic viewpoints:

South Glacier Viewpoint
Brackett Road
Pitchfork Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Overlook above William Moore Bridge
Alaska Sign for group photos

9:30 AM: Canadian Customs; be prepared with your PASSPORTS handy! Continuing north, scan for wildlife and pass by or stop at these scenic points for photos!

Tutshi Lake (look out for mountain goats!)
Tagish Lake
Yukon Sign
Bove Island
Carcross Desert
Emerald Lake - Our Turnaround ** make sure your guide knows if visiting Emerald Lake is a priority, as you can skip the lake and include more additional activities in your tour!

11:30 AM: Carcross for lunch ( not included in price ) Enjoy lunch at one of two vendors in town or ask us about a picnic lunch!

12:30 PM: Head south on the same highway, enjoying a completely different view as you now watch the snowy and heavily glaciated north faces of the White Pass mountains slowly unfold before you.

2:30 PM: Arrive back in Skagway, in town or at your ship!

**What's Included: Private Vehicle, Driver/Guide; narration, number of gold pans you selected at time of booking

​**What's Not Included: Lunch + Additional Activities. You can opt another activity in addition to gold panning. The scavenger hunt is especially fun for the kiddos, and we love including a picnic lunch in our day! Ask us about timing and activities, as adding time to your tour is always an option!

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7:30 AM - 2:30 PM