Skagway locals, Candace Cahill and Jessica Medlin, create one of a kind Alaskan jewelry.

Jessica Medlin's Bio: 

"I was first lured to Alaska in 1995, when I came upon a fishing boat. I was immediately smitten. Two years later, I found myself in Antarctica where I met my future life partner who happened to be from AK. the rest is History... living up here continually inspires me. I found I hneed to create in order to satisfy that inspiration. Creating wearable art allows me to discover new forms in color and a variety of mediums."

Whale Earrings: $40

Whale Pendant: $90

Whale's Tail Earrings: $40

Whale's Tail Pendant:  $49

Bear Earrings: $40

​Bear Pendant:  $25

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