Pet the Pups Tour

Our Get the Gold tour is an extension of our private Emerald Lake tour out of Skagway Alaska, letting you experience gold panning in Yukon Canada
  • visit Skagway Alaska Escapes - Skagway's first escape room!
  • Historical And Fun!
  • Wear Those Kids Out!
This private tour option out of Skagway Alaska takes you to Michelle Phillip's dog mushing camp near Tutshi Lake in the Yukon
Stunning Emerald Lake is our destination in this private guided tour out of Skagway Alaska, taking you to the Yukon, viewing scenery and looking for wildlife
  • Visit Michelle Phillips' dog mushing camp
  • Learn About Yukon and Alaska mushing
  • Pet the Adorable Alaskan Husky Pups

7:30 AM - 2:30 PM 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Escape Game Room

Full Day Tours

Emerald Lake Tour

We think the best way to make the most of your time in Skagway is to to take a full day tour. Get out there early for the most peaceful morning, and best wildlife viewing opportunities, then spend your afternoon exploring in town, or sleep in a few hours. As always, for any questions regarding any of these tours, please e-mail us:, or call: 907-612-0499

Ride the Rail Tour

​​Get the Gold Tour

  • Ride the Historic White Pass & Yukon Rail 
  • See White Pass as the Miners saw It!
  • One Way Train Combines with any of our Tours
The Ride the Rail tour is a combination of our private Emerald Lake tour out of Skagway Alaska, with a one way ride on the historic White Pass and Yukon Rout railway
The Brave the Bridge tour option is a guided private tour option out of Skagway Alaska taking you to Yukon Suspension Bridge

Brave the Bridge Tour

  • Most Customizable
  • Visit the Pristine Yukon
  • Can Add 1-2 Additional Activities
  • Experience Gold Panning Like a Real 1890's Prospector
  • Bring Home the Gold!
  • Visit the Yukon Suspension Bridge
  • ​Educational and Fun Activities for the Kids
  • Snack and Gift Shop on Site
This Emerald Lake tour combines family friendly fun with potential kid friendly activities such as gold panning, scavenger hunt, dog mushing camp and picnic