Photo by Becky McGill 

Deluxe Picnic Option:

 Take a picnic lunch to a wilderness setting to enjoy during your seven hour tour. Email Heike at heike@tagishlake-cabins. com. to make your order. Menu below:

*Fresh caught Salmon Pate- *Reindeer Sausage- *Bison Sausage- *Variety of cheeses from our very own “Cultured Fine Cheese Shop”-
*Our famous freshly baked bread from the “Alpine Bakery”-
*Fireweed Butter- *Dandelion Pesto- *Blueberry Chutney- *Spruce Tip Jelly- *Soapberry Jelly- (in cooperation with “Wild Things” Yukon)- *Birchsyrup butter (in cooperation with “Uncle Berwyn’s”)


Photo By Becky McGill

​Custom Emerald Lake 7 Hour Tour      

**Our Most Popular**      

  7:30 AM - 2:30 PM   ** Passports Required

Group Size:  Up to 5               $835            

Group Size:  Up to 8               $961

Group Size:  Up to 11            $1087

Group Size: Up to 14             $1213

Travel North on the South Klondike Highway over White Pass and into Canada. Visit the Yukon and drool over spectacular scenery. Hunt the hillsides and roadsides for wildlife. Learn about Alaskan and Yukon cultures and find out the answer to the ultimate question. "Just what do you DO here in the winter?"

Itinerary: May vary according to your interests

7:30AM: Meet your guide, who will be wearing a blue coat and holding a "Beyond Skagway" sign, at the end of your ship's pier, just past port security.

Head North, through Skagway. Listen, while your guide weaves the story of the Klondike Gold Rush of '98. View notable historical buildings and hot spots to visit after your tour. Cruise over White Pass, passing and/or stopping at these scenic viewpoints:

  • South Glacier Viewpoint
  • Brackett Road
  • Pitchfork Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Overlook above William Moore Bridge
  • Alaska Sign for group photos

9:30 AM  - Canadian Customs; be prepared with your PASSPORTS handy! Continuing north, scan for wildlife and pass by or stop at these scenic points for photos!

  • Tutshi Lake (look out for mountain goats!)
  • Tagish Lake
  • Yukon Sign
  • Bove Island
  • Carcross Desert
  • Emerald Lake - Our Turnaround

11:30 AM - Carcross for lunch ( not included in price ) Enjoy lunch at one of three vendors in town or ask us about a picnic lunch!

12:30 PM - Head south on the same highway, enjoying a completely different view as you now watch the snowy and heavily glaciated north faces of the White Pass mountains slowly unfold before you.
2:30 PM - Arrive back in Skagway, in town or at your ship!

**What's Included: Private Vehicle, Driver/Guide; narration

​**What's Not Included: Lunch + Additional Activities.


Photo By Murray Peters

Photo By Kate McGill

​Brave the Bridge + Custom Emerald Lake Tour

  7:30 AM - 2:30 PM ** Passports Required

​Group Size: Up to 5 people        $877       

                Up to 8 people        $1,035

​                Up to 11 people       $1,192

                Up to 14 people       $1,350

Visit the Yukon Suspension bridge, spanning the glacial Tutshi River. Check out the Klondike Gold Rush displays and grab a coffee. In the month of July, you might even catch a glance of white water rafters navigating "the Nozzle" just under the bridge.

Change to Itinerary:

Allow 30 - 60 minutes for bridge visit. The bridge can be visited in the AM heading north or in the PM heading south.

**What's Included: Admission to bridge.

**What's Not Included: There is a gift shop and snack shop here! This is a great place for some CANADA goodies. Lunch is not included.

​                                 *********

If you've found us, then you are probably planning a trip to SE Alaska, and are looking for what to do while in Skagway and Beyond. You have many options. This page is intended to serve as a guide to what we offer! Our tours are customize-able, private, and our goal is that you leave Skagway feeling 100% satisfied.

   Call us to plan your perfect day:   907-612-0499.

 2018 rates below *Additional Fees Apply When Booking Online

If you have questions, feel free to call. Abby or Kate are happy to help. If you are ready now, then click "Book Now" Button!

Seek the Summit

  3:30 PM - 6:30 PM ** Passports Required

Customs Times are available some days. Just ask.

Group Size: Up to 5 people        $397

                 Up to 8 people       $429

                 Up to 11 people      $460

                 Up to 14 people      $492

Take this three hour round trip up the Klondike Highway, over the White Pass and to the Canada/Alaska border. ​Hear the story of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 and we typically visit these points of interest :

  • Gold Rush Cemetery
  • Brackett Wagon Road Overlook
  • Pitchfork Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Moore Bridge Overlook
  • Alaska Sign

*Make sure your guide knows which points of interests are important to you as we don't always visit each stop on each tour!

*Add an hour to this tour and have time to visit the Yukon Suspension Bridge or the Yukon border and Yukon sign. Ask us about pricing.​


Skagway, AK - Day Tours

Photo by Becky McGill

Photo By Tom Pickerel

Keep in mind, we specialize in customizing tours. If you have an idea, or special event you'd like to celebrate, let us know! Chat with Abby, Kate, or Becky about creating a day to remember! We love building "out of the box" memories.

Call: 907-612-0499

Photo by Kate McGill

  Photo By Jay Mull

Photo By Kate McGill

​Photo by Becky McGill 

Photo by Becky McGill 

​Get the Gold+ Custom Emerald Lake Tour

  7:30 AM - 2:30 PM ** Passports Required

Group Size: Up to 5 people     $835    plus   GOLD 

                 Up to 8 people    $961     plus   GOLD

                 Up to 11 people   $1,087  plus   GOLD

                 Up to 14 people   $1,213  plus   GOLD

Gold Panning            $18 Per Gold Pan

**everybody does not have to select gold panning. It is a fun activity to watch. Especially kids love the gold panning add.

Experience the thrill of finding real gold, using the same techniques the miner's of 1898 used to discover Klondike Gold. We "salt" your pan with authentic Klondike Valley gold flakes so you are guaranteed keepsake gold. We find a nice private, peaceful setting next to a lake or creek to give a more authentic feel. We will pan no matter the weather because, you know, the miner's spent back-breaking hours in the wind, rain and snow, and if they can do it, so can we. 

Change to Itinerary: 

Allow 30-60 minutes for the gold panning experience, longer if you want to tie the panning with with a picnic lunch. Add this option to the Custom Emerald Lake Tour, above.

**What's Included: Each pan is loaded with approximately $15 - $20 worth of Klondike gold and you get a keepsake vial to bring it home in.

** What's Not Included: The responsibility of maintaining your own Yukon gold claim.

Call our office to arrange this tour: 907-612-0499


​​​​Ride the Rail+ Custom Emerald Lake

  7:30 AM - 4:30 PM  ** Passports Required

Group Size : Up to 5 People:     $835   plus cost of Train Tickets

Group Size: Up to 8 People:      $961   plus cost of Train Tickets

Group Size: Up to 11 People:   $1087 plus cost of Train Tickets

Group Size: Up to 14 People:  $1213  plus cost of Train Tickets

Train Tickets                      $89    Per Adult ( 13+ )

                                              $44.50 Per Child 

The White Pass & Yukon Route train is a fun addition to any tour with us. Expand upon your Klondike Gold Rush History as you follow the path of the stampeders over White Pass. The train ride is 1.75 hours long, and fun for all ages! 

Change to Itinerary:

This tour combination is similar to the Custom Emerald Lake tour, but you get to add the train ride!

There are two train combinations we often use:

​PM Train:

2:30 PM - All Aboard the White Pass & Yukon Route train in Fraser, B.C.

2:45 PM - Depart Fraser by train

4:30 PM - Arrive Back in Skagway, AK. You now have the afternoon to explore our town, or we will pick you up for a quick shuttle back to your cruise ship.

AM Train:

7:20 AM - Meet your guide at your ship's pier. Guide will have your train tickets in hand. Remember PASSPORTS!

7:45 AM - All Aboard the White Pass & Yukon Route train northbound for Fraser, B.C.

8 AM - Train Departure

9:45 AM - Arrive in Fraser B.C. where your Beyond Skagway Guide will be waiting! Being driving tour from here

​4:30 PM - Arrive Back in Skagway

**Let us know if you have concerns about ship docking or departure time and we will try to build a train itinerary that works for you!

​                                    ********

Discover Dyea

  3:30 PM - 6:30 PM  ** No Passports Needed 

Group Size: Up to 5 people       $397

                Up to 8 people       $429

                Up to 11 people      $460

​                UP to 14 people      $492

Instead of heading north, follow the coastal Dyea Road on a search for bald eagles, harbor seals, and even bears, as you learn about Skagway's "competition", and see what's left of it. Visit these scenic points:

  • Naku Bay
  • Dyea Flats
  • Chilkoot Trailhead
  • Dyea Townsite

*Enjoy the true quiet of a walk in the woods.

*Eat lunch and/or enjoy a beer at a lovely log restaurant 

*Use your imagination here and compare photos of today vs. during the Klondike Gold Rush to relive this gold rush town.


Pet the Pups+ Custom Emerald Lake Tour

  7:30 AM - 2:30 PM ** Passports Required

​Group Size: Up to 5 people        $914 

                 Up to 8 people       $1040

                 Up to 11 people      $1166

                 Up to 14 people      $1292

Michelle Phillips, (#13 finisher in the 2017 Iditarod Race) has a dog mushing camp only one hour from Skagway. This makes a great stop for families. Play with puppies, take a 15 minute dog cart ride, pulled by Michelle's Iditarod team and learn about the incredible sport of competitive mushing. Humans and dogs alike at this camp are endurance athletes. ( Michelle runs and trains for marathons during her time off. )

Change to Itinerary:

Allow 30 - 60 minutes for a visit to the dog camp. We can stop here in the AM, or in the afternoon after lunch!

**What's Included: Admission to the dog camp, one dog sponsorship for the 2018 racing season, signed informational book about the Iditarod or Yukon Quest, and stuffed floppy huskies for the kiddos.

**What's Not Included: Cart Rides. If some or all of your group wants to take a cart ride, let us know and we will sign you up! Cart rides are $30 per Adult and $22 per Child in addition to tour price.

                        Lunch is not included.

​                                   ********

Photo by Becky McGill